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Computer Diagnostics for Pinpoint Accuracy

Not only does AAMCO of Bellevue check this extensive list of systems in your transmission, but your vehicle’s computer system as well. Newer cars rely heavily on their computer for gear shifting, assisted braking, gas mixture delivered to the engine, and much more. We provide physical work combined with innovative computer diagnostics while working on your transmission to restore it to original working order. Using AAMCO’s Computer diagnostics and Kwiktes PlusBox, we are able to retrieve codes issued by your car that help us pinpoint the issue and repair it more efficiently. When your car sends a code, we compare that data with our wide-ranging AAMCO database to find exactly how to treat the issue. Never be charged for incorrect diagnostics or repairs ever again! Call today to schedule an appointment for state-of-the-art diagnostics that help you get back on the road quicker and more cost-effectively.

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Transmission Repairs in Bellevue, NE

Your car’s transmission is responsible for not only changing gears but delivering power to the wheels. Because of all these moving parts, it is a critical aspect of your vehicle while also being one of the costliest regarding repairs. AAMCO of Bellevue takes the time to thoroughly diagnose all transmission problems before beginning work on your car. This ensures us to complete the repair quickly and efficiently the first time while only making the necessary repairs your car needs. If you are noticing gears slipping, strange noises coming from under your hood, burning smells, grinding sounds or leaking fluid, you may have an issue with your transmission. The sooner, the better. Bring it in today to let our team of technicians accurately diagnose your car.

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Your Trusted Premier Location for Auto Repairs

There are a plethora of reasons why choosing AAMCO of Bellevue for your auto repair needs is preferable. Listed among them are:

  • High knowledge of factory-recommended maintenance and general auto repairs
  • We provide complete computer and electronic diagnostics (including the engine), TranScan and external diagnostics
  • We’re a local company with a nationwide presence. Small town charm with large company resources
  • We offer free towing with any major transmission or auto repair
  • Our local fleet program keeps your vehicles on the road with warranty coverage that’s comparable to our national fleets
  • All auto repairs are backed with our comprehensive warranty

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Bellevue, NE 68147

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809 Cary Street, Bellevue, NE 68147, USA